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Why Yellowbird?2017-10-18T02:52:24-05:00

The Yellowbird is a small, plump bird that lives among the spicy chili plants and snacks on tiny bird peppers in–between daily adventures. While it’s true that all birds have a palate for juicy, ripe, extra spicy peppers because birds lack the receptors that are sensitive to capsaicin (the active component of chili peppers that causes the burning sensation), our Yellowbird is different. Yellowbird is a saucy, clever explorer who is always hungry and on the hunt for nature’s fiery little treat… just like us.

Where is Yellowbird Foods headquartered?2017-10-18T02:50:42-05:00

Yellowbird Foods is located in South Austin.

In the story about the Bird, why do you use the word reign and not rein?2018-09-01T15:04:45-05:00

Because no other animals can handle the heat, the Yellowbird is freely ruling over the vast fields of hot peppers. To read more about the Yellowbirds’ Kingdom of Peppers, check out the story about the Bird.

How do I contact Yellowbird Foods?2017-10-18T15:27:47-05:00

Send us a note through our contact form. Or send an email to thebird@yellowbirdsauce.com and we’ll get back to you within 2 business days.

Where can I buy Yellowbird Foods products?2017-10-19T17:00:39-05:00

You can find Yellowbird products at natural food retailers across the US. To locate the Bird in your area, check out our store locator. If Yellowbird is not currently available in your area and you like to change that, you can print out this kind request and hand it over to the manager at your favorite local grocer.

Do you ship internationally?2017-10-18T15:33:03-05:00

We do ship internationally from our website. All shipping prices are real–time and come directly from Fedex and USPS, our main carriers. It is our priority to make Yellowbird Foods more available internationally, so drop us a line and let us know where you’d like to see the Bird next!

Are you hiring?2017-10-18T15:33:50-05:00

If you’re interesting in joining our small, but powerful team, send us a message with your resume. All new positions with Yellowbird are shared through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Give us a follow to get the inside scoop on job openings with us!!

I’m interested in sharing Yellowbird products on my blog, how do I do that?2017-10-18T15:34:59-05:00

Click on over to our handy contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

I’d like to have Yellowbird Foods sponsor an event. How do I do that?2017-10-18T02:44:30-05:00

Excellent! Fill out our Event Partnership Request form and we’ll be in touch with you within two business days.

Can I tour your facility?2017-10-18T02:43:42-05:00

For food safety purposes, our facility is currently not open for touring. This is something we hope to make possible in the near future.

How much sugar do you add to your sauces?2017-10-18T02:38:19-05:00

We use only trace amounts of organic cane sugar in every bottle of Yellowbird Sauce. By FDA standards, the trace amount of sugar we use is so small that it does not register as a per–serving quantity on our nutrition facts. Thus the amount of sugar is 0 grams per serving.

Are your condiments gluten-free?2017-10-18T02:24:19-05:00

All of our condiments are gluten–free.

Do you use High Fructose Corn Syrup?2017-10-18T02:22:52-05:00

Never! Our products are sweetened naturally with fresh fruits and only trace amounts of organic cane sugar.

What kind of vinegar do you use?2017-10-18T02:18:10-05:00

We use only white vinegar that is derived from organically grown, Non–GMO corn.

Do your condiments contain pepper seeds?2017-10-18T02:17:14-05:00

All Yellowbird Condiments are made with whole pepper fruits—seeds and all! We don’t waste anything in the making of our spicy condiments. However, our final products are cooked and blended so well, that whole pepper seeds are no longer visibly present, but rather blended into our final, deliciously smooth, spicy condiment.

What is the order of your sauces from mildest to hottest?2018-07-09T11:21:16-05:00

Since we use fresh, whole peppers in our bottles and our sauces do not contain artificial preservatives, powders, extracts, or fillers of any kind, the heat can be slightly different with each batch.

We rank our sauces in heat level as follows:

Mild to Medium Heat
Blue Agave Sriracha




Ghost Pepper

What are the Scoville Heat Units (SHU) for each of your sauces?2018-07-09T11:17:43-05:00

Aligning with the heat level of our sauce lineup, our Scoville measurements* for each sauce are:

Blue Agave Sriracha: 1,325–2,650
Serrano: 1,600–6,160
Jalapeño: 1,152–2,304
Habanero: 15,580–54,530
Ghost: 23,435

*Note: Because we use real peppers that are naturally diverse in heat, these numbers can vary slightly per batch. Also, as with any taste preference, the Scoville rating is a subjective measurement.

How often do you come out with new flavors?2017-10-18T02:41:49-05:00

We release new or seasonal products once a year. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn or sign up for our newsletter to get the inside scoop on new or limited–time products, events, giveaways and more!

Do I have to refrigerate my Yellowbird condiments after opening?2018-12-14T09:44:13-05:00

All of our deliciously spicy condiments are made to last one year unrefrigerated from the day we bottle them. By using whole food ingredients that have naturally occurring preservative traits, such as citrus and organic vinegar, we’re able to preserve great taste without adding unwanted chemicals or fillers. Please refer to the expiration date on your bottle for remaining shelf life.

How long can I enjoy my Yellowbird condiments?2017-10-18T02:39:54-05:00

Our spicy condiments are made to last one year after we bottle them. Be sure to check the expiration date printed on the side of the bottle for remaining shelf life.

Are your condiments organic?2017-10-18T15:40:35-05:00

All of our products are Non–GMO. We focus on using the highest quality ingredients to make the best tasting pepper condiments. Sometimes this means using organic ingredients, such as organic carrots or cucumbers from Agua Dulce or Johnson’s Backyard Garden. Other times, such as with chili peppers, we buy organic when it’s available. But we always source the best–tasting, Non–GMO ingredients we can find. Together we can raise the standards of packaged foods by supporting farmers that focus on farming methods that regenerate our planet.

Why is one bottle of sauce spicier than another of the same flavor?2017-10-18T15:41:47-05:00

Yellowbird products do not contain any artificial preservatives, powders, extracts, or fillers of any kind. And so the ingredients of our products are at the mercy of nature. For example, one crop of Habanero peppers may have gotten more sun and rain than another, thus causing that crop to have a slightly different taste, color, and heat level. Please contact us if you have more questions about this.