Yellowbird is not your typical watered–down hot sauce. Our spicy condiments are loaded with real, farm–fresh fruits and vegetables so that you can provide a healthier and tastier condiment option for your loyal patrons.

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From restaurant tabletops and on–the–go packets to specialty food shelves, elevate your guests’ experience with Yellowbird Spicy Condiments.

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Why choose The Bird


We believe food should be as close to it’s natural state as possible. With the hard work of organic and biodynamic farmers, we can continue to source farm–fresh produce for all of our spicy condiments. Real food pulled together through minimal processing in order to retain the best flavor and health benefits is how we thrive.


Yellowbird is packed with flavor and 100% free of non–food additives! When was the last time you heard a foodie say, “I love the flavor of potassium sorbate!?” And yet this mutagenic food additive continues to plague the ingredients list of hot sauces, condiments, and many other packaged foods. Let’s work together to raise the standards of food!


So you already know Yellowbird makes next–level, deliciously spicy condiments. Now you’d like to see how The Bird looks in it’s natural habitat. Check out these photos from a few of our favorite partner restaurants, then make your move! Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page or contact your food service distributor.


It’s no secret that spicy food has several health benefits including increasing happiness levels, but the best benefit of Yellowbird is our commitment to transparency. We only source the highest quality ingredients from trusted farms and farmers and use 100% post–consumer recycled packaging. Please continue to recycle!

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