Habanero Piña Colada



Prep Time

10 min.


• ½ fresh pineapple, peeled, cut into 1½-inch pieces
• 6 ounces sweetened cream of coconut
• 2 ounces unsweetened coconut milk
• 8 ounces white rum
• 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice
• 1 tablespoon Yellowbird Habanero Condiment
• 2 ounces dark rum (optional)
• Pineapple wedge and habanero slice (for garnish)


  1. Place pineapple pieces in a resealable plastic bag, laying them flat. Freeze until solid, at least 3 hours.
  2. Shake cream of coconut and coconut milk in their cans before measuring. Purée pineapple, cream of coconut, coconut milk, white rum, lime juice, Yellowbird Habanero Condiment, and 3 cups ice (about 15 oz.) in a blender until smooth. Transfer blender cup to freezer and freeze until mixture is thickened (it should be the consistency of a milkshake), 25–35 minutes.
  3. Blend again until mixture is the perfect slushy frozen drink consistency. Divide among glasses. Top off each with ½ oz. dark rum, if using, and garnish each with a pineapple wedge and habanero slice.
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