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Yellowbird Holiday Gift Pack

This is the perfect gift for the spicy condiment lover(s) in your life!

Our Yellowbird Holiday Gift Pack includes one bottle of Yellowbird :
• Habanero Sauce • Jalapeño Sauce • Serrano Sauce • Habanero Salt • Personal Holiday Card  

Available in limited quantity!
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Yellowbird Sauce Recipes

Sweet and Savory Roasted Almonds


The holidays are just around the corner and if anything can jumpstart that warm, cozy holiday vibe, it’s the scent of oven roasted, spiced nuts. These sweet and savory roasted almonds will fill your home with the most decadent aroma — far better than those scented candles because, well… you can actually eat it! Make […]

Vegan Spicy Onion Rings

Yellowbird Spicy Vegan Onion Rings Recipe 05

Not only is Yellowbird Habanero hot sauce good for dipping, it’s also great for creating a spicy batter for baking or frying. There is only a mild amount of heat in this recipe, so if you want more, just add more sauce. The other great thing about this recipe is that you can fry them […]

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